SATs in Year 2

The SATs are Standard Assessment Tasks the children sit in Year 2. Year 2 SATs take place during the Summer Term, and are used to assist the teacher assessment that takes place throughout the year. The teacher assessment is passed to the local authority.

Children are assessed in English (writing, reading and spelling) and mathematics. Each child will receive a level up to Level 3. Levels 1 and 2 are further divided into bands a, b and c, with c being the lowest band and a being the highest. The expected National Average for children leaving Year 2 is Level 2b.


Year 2 Mathematics SATs

All children are entered into the Level 2 paper. Children who receive a level 2a will then have the opportunity to sit the Level 3 paper.

The papers are split into an oral and written section.


Year 2 English SATs

The English SATs are divided into three sections:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Writing



Reading is assessed through a reading task, where the child selects a book and reads individually with the teacher, and a reading comprehension. All children are entered for the Level 2 reading comprehension. Children who achieve a level 2a will then have the opportunity to sit the Level 3 Reading Comprehension.



Children are assessed on their spellings separately from the writing paper.



Writing is assessed through two tasks, one short and one long. Marks are awarded for Sentence Structure and Punctuation, Composition and Effect and Handwriting.