Curriculum Information

‘Creative Curriculum’ at Corpus Christi School – A topic based approach.


Children from Year 1 to Year 6 follow a varied curriculum which includes English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PSHE and Citizenship, P.E., Art, Design Technology (D & T), Music and R.E.

“The curriculum is exceptional because it provides captivating and exciting learning opportunities which engage and motivate pupils. Links between subjects support pupils’ wider understanding and creative links are made across topics.”

Ofsted Report, January 2010


All Foundation subjects are taught through a variety of topics throughout the academic year. As a school, staff collectively feels that children’s learning is enhanced with a topic based approach.

Children are able to make links to other subjects and this provides interest in a topic that becomes familiar to children.

Children are enthusiastic about the topics; which means they are enthusiastic about their learning. It gives their learning meaning and they are able to see how the skills they develop from foundation subjects can be applied to real life situations.

As a school we can also be flexible with our topics to accommodate with events or occasions that may be happening in our country or around the world. For example, as a whole school, we focused on the ‘World Cup‘ during the Summer Term of 2014.

Foundation subjects:


Design and Technology (including cookery)






Languages at KS2. Currently French is being taught to children who are in the Juniors.

Year 2 children also attend a Spanish Club as an extra curriculum activity once a week.


 Where applicable, staff also link English and mathematics to the topic. At Corpus Christi we call these 'Foundation Subjects' the 'Creative Curriculum'.


Each Phase group and class teacher is responsible for the planning and delivery of the curriculum through the ‘topic based’ approach which also incorporates key skills.

We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study as a basis for our planning.

The aim of the school is that the required Knowledge, Skills and Understanding are covered as many times as possible through out a Key Stage.