Corpus Alumni

Corpus Alumni Association

Will be launched on the 27th April 2017


The Alumni Association is the trust fund sponsored project which aims to support our pupils after their time at Corpus Christi. It will do this by providing a platform to network, facilitate mentoring, internship and employment opportunities by harnessing the experience, expertise and willingness to help from our community.

The Objective

To use the talents and expertise of our community to support our young people 

To facilitate networking, mentoring, internships and potential employment for our young people 

To provide opportunities for our young people to mentor other alumni  

To provide opportunities for alumni events information and networking events

The Opportunity 

Develop bank of ‘friends’ willing to help alumni, be it reading CVs, University applications, give advice on their field or help prepare for job interviews. 

Develop alumni membership and develop a schedule of events, with their input, which they will benefit most from.

Corpus Christi strives to provide the highest educational opportunities for our children, our priority is to turn out children who embody the schools values of Faith, Aspiration, Motivation, Independence, Love and being Unique. The positive experiences the children have at Corpus Christi means that they often maintain their ties with the school and seek us out for work experience and potential employment. 
We feel that there is a huge potential for our alumni to benefit from the same opportunities by accessing the skills and expertise of our richly skilled and diverse community.

To find out more visit our platform, where you can find opportunities to support this initiative.