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At Corpus Christi School, we value the voice of our pupils and strive to ensure they are given opportunities to play an active role in school life. Our children are the leaders of the future and we ensure that they are empowered to take on roles of responsibility and leadership throughout their time at school. There are a variety of leadership roles available and these include:

School Council

At Corpus Christi the children are encouraged to take an active role in the running of the school and decision making. From Year 2 upwards, each class nominates two children to represent them on the School Council. Elections are held at the beginning of each academic year, where the children must prepare their own election speech to deliver to their peers, who then vote for the winners. Classes hold their own class meetings to suggest points for discussion by the Council, who will then deal with the points raised.

This year the School Council has raised money for the Brixton Soup Kitchen. They have also taken part in a conference entitled, 'What is our community?' alongside other councillors from Lambeth schools. The School Council representatives also visited City Hall.


Green Team

The Green Team is an elected group of children responsible for making Corpus Christi as environmentally friendly and green as possible. Elections to the Green Team are held in the same way as the School Council. The Green Team have recently been awarded the prestigious Green Flag from the National Eco-Schools Scheme.

Over the past year, the Green Team have bought three new composters, completed the Church garden and significantly improved our recycling facilities across the school.

For further information on the Eco-Schools scheme, visit


House Captains

Each of the four houses - St. Andrew, St. Patrick, St. David & St. George - are represented by a House Captain and Vice-Captain selected from the Upper Juniors. They will encourage all of the children in their house to reach their full potential and, of course, encourage them to accumulate the most house points so that they can win the house cup competition at the end of the year. The current holders of the Abbot House Cup are St. Andrew's team.



The children in Year 5 have the opportunity to become one of the school chaplains. Each class, from the nursery up to Year 6, are assigned two chaplains who will regularly visit the class, lead prayers, help with RE lessons and take part in religious events such as masses, Harvest Festival and the May Procession. 



The librarians help to keep the school library neat and tidy and ready for the next class. They re-stock the shelves, organise the books and have an input in to new stock that might be needed or requested.


Digital Leaders

As the use of technology plays an increasingly important role in every lesson, the Digital Leaders help the class teachers prepare any technology that is needed in the classroom. They ensure that all iPads, laptops and Chrome Books are in full working order, available when needed and stored safely at the end of the day.


Patient Ambassadors

In recent years, the school has developed the Patient Ambassador role in conjunction with King's College Hospital. At the moment they are working on an art project that will eventually see their 'London' themed art work displayed in different wards and departments. 


Music Prefects

The music prefects play an important role in helping the adults prepare, set up and run the various music events throughout the year. This includes the regular band practise throughout the year and special events such as the Christmas concert and Lambeth Music recital at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank. 


Squabble Busters

Squabbles happen...even at Corpus Christi! The squabble busters are always in the playground to help the children talk through any issues that they might have. If necessary, they will then speak to the playground supervisors or class teachers if an issue needs to be resolved with the help of an adult.


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