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School Council

School Council

At Corpus Christi the children are encouraged to take an active role in the running of the school and decision making. From Year 2 upwards, each class nominates two children to represent them on the School Council. Elections are held at the beginning of each academic year, where the children must prepare their own election speech to deliver to their peers, who then vote for the winners. Classes hold their own class meetings to suggest points for discussion by the Council, who will then deal with the points raised.

This year the School Council has organised a Sponsored Silence to raise money for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. They have also taken part in a conference entitled, 'What is our community?' alongside other councillors from Lambeth schools. The School Council representatives also visited City Hall.

Green Team

The Green Team is an elected group of children responsible for making Corpus Christi as environmentally friendly and green as possible. Elections to the Green Team are held in the same way as the School Council. The Green Team have recently been awarded the prestigious Green Flag from the National Eco-Schools Scheme.

Over the past year, the Green Team have bought three new composters, completed the Church garden and significantly improved our recycling facilities across the school.


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