Our community 

Corpus Christi forms part of a wonderfully culturally rich and diverse community, united by our faith and our focus on delivering the very best educational outcomes for each and every child in our care. 

Who we are 

We recognise the wonderful range of cultural experiences of our families and staff, and want our school community to reflect and build on this together. We hope to do this in different ways.  We have started by creating a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) working group made up of staff from across the school in both teaching and support roles who are dedicated to working towards inclusivity across the school and we are championed by a member of the SLT to ensure that change is supported and resourced effectively. 

Through our work we carefully consider the 9 protected characteristics enshrined in the Equalities Act 2010, to ensure that whatever we do, will not have negative impact on individuals covered by the following characteristics;


What we have done so far 

  1. One of the first tasks that the D&I working group undertook, was a curriculum audit, which looked at the resources used by the school in all it's teaching and learning and highlighted areas where improvements could be made. This is a large piece of work and one that will be regularly reviewed.
  2. We carried out a staff questionnaire to try to give us a base line of where we were and what the staff felt we needed to prioritise.
  3. We have drawn up a schedule of D&I specific assemblies where we will discuss the different characteristics with the children in a language and format which is suitable for their age groups and all within the umbrella of the family and our community.
  4. We want to run more culturally diverse events and will partner with our Parents Association to deliver these, initially by reinstating our much loved and missed International day!
  5. Representation is important to children and adults alike. We want to celebrate the large number of countries where our families have links to, and will be sending a call out for flags and other cultural items that we can display or share on our socials.  We will use these as learning opportunities for children, staff and families alike, and encourage our families to share these items with us or let us know of any cultural days that we could recognise.

We will continue to review and evaluate our work and will share our work with our community to continue to make Corpus Christi an inclusive hub for our community. 



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