We take pride in the strong relationships we have with  parents and families who are fully supportive of everything going on in school. We communicate information using letters, emails, text and our weekly newsletter. Sometimes letters are sent in children's bookbags, but we also publish them on our website. Each phase group within the school communicates information through newsletters and welcome booklets.

If you wish to speak to a member of staff, we advise you follow this process:

Class Teacher - In the first instance you should ask your child's class teacher about queries such as homework, school work, friendships or progress matter.

Phase Group Leader - If matters cannot be resolved at a class based level, then you can contact the Phase Group Leader who can organse further support within the phase group. 

Assistant Headteacher - Issues relating to members of staff or concerns about the wellbeing of your child, or other children in the Juniors or the Infants, need to be discussed with the Assistant Headteachers. 

Co-Headteacher - The Co-Headteachers can be contacted if you have personal, financial or confidential matters to discuss. Serious concerns relating to any child will be referred to the Co-Headteachers. 

School Business Manager - You can contact the School Business Manager with issues relating to School Admissions, Free School Meal entitlement and payment of services.

Chair of Governors - The Chair of Governors can be contacted regarding serious issues that cannot be resolved by the Co-Headteachers.


Mrs Z Bray

EYFS Phase Group Leader

Mrs L Powell

KS1 Phase Group Leader

Mrs S Giles

Lower KS2 Phase Leader
Maths Lead

Mr M Kelleher

Upper KS2 Phase Leader


Mrs J Connery


Mr R Coyle

Co-Headteacher & Responsible Officer

Mrs K Smart

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Cole

Assistant Head

Ms S Ruiz

School Business Manager

Miranda Sawyer

Chair Of Governors
Chair of Governors



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