Parent Survey 2016-17


Parents were asked to respond to a questionnaire over Christmas and the New Year 2016-17. The survey was conducted anonymously on paper and 194 families responded. The results were collated in January 2017.


General finding were:

  • 100% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at Corpus Christi School
  • 100% also agree that their child feels safe at school
  • 100% feel that their child is well looked after
  • 100% believe their child is well taught
  • 98% agree that the school is well led and managed
  • Homework has a 90% approval rating. This question had the lowest satisfaction rating
  • 99.5% of parents agree that Corpus Christi makes sure that pupils behave well
  • 99% would recommend Corpus Christi School to another parent.

The survey was hugely positive and the parents were very grateful for the work that the school does to support their child’s learning.

The survey had an area where concerns could be raised; there were not many who raised concerns but they tended to be centred on 4 main areas.

Homework - some disagreed strongly with the amount of homework the children received - some wanted more and some less.

Bullying- 20% of parents responded “don’t know” to the bullying question as they had no experience, 1% were not happy about how the school handles bullying.

After School clubs - there was a continuing desire to continue to widen provision and access.

Some parents wished to see the duration of Parent/Teacher meetings extended.


The school will continue to work in partnership with parents.

We will continue use the parent suggestion box and look to extend the parent voice in the school through the use of Survey Monkey to help find a ‘snapshot’ of opinions.

We will work with parents to come to a greater consensus about the role, purpose and amount of homework that is most effective on a child’s learning.

We will make sure that at the beginning of every year we hand out and explain our bullying policies at the September welcome meetings and explain to parents how this is dealt with within school.

We will clarify with parents the information they can expect from their child’s class teacher and the best ways to raise concerns.

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