Resident Artist

Nikki Godfrey

Nikki Godfrey

Corpus Christi School Resident Artist

We are very lucky to have our own school resident artist - Nikki Godfrey. Once a half term Nikki is based in one year group and plans and teaches a whole week of Art. This give us the chance to sketch, paint and make a really big Art project that we can plan, refine and perfect over the course of the week.

We are so lucky to have Nikki as our resident artist, so far this year... 

Nikki has taught: Year Two how to recreate album covers using perspective and collage referencing Peter Max and the Pop Art Movement.



Nikki has taught: Year Three how to draw using perspective and careful use of gilding, referencing Pre/early Renaissance Italian painters, Giotto and The Lorenzetti Brothers and using The Nativity as a theme.



Nikki has taught: Year Four how to design and paint using perspective and surrealist techniques, referencing Salvador Dali and Magritte and using Alice in Wonderland as a theme.


Nikki's Background:

Nikki has a BFA (Fine Art & Fashion design) from Parson's School of Design in New York City. She studied in Paris and also at Cass design school, some alumni are, Diana Ross, Lily Tomlin and Smokey Robinson.

Nikki has worked as fashion designer in new York, Milan and London. She has created her own baby knitwear company and has worked for Tom Ford, Gucci, Selfridges and Paul Smith. Nikki has also taught Art classes to both Primary and Secondary aged children for the past six years.





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