Mrs Aisling Duffy - Religious Education & RSE Co-ordinator

Mrs Hilda Bellamy - Link Governor 

At Corpus Christi School we aim to give children a deeper knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith. We aim to guide and foster the growth in faith of each individual child and to make prayer, worship and the liturgy meaningful and relevant experiences.

The religious, spiritual and moral education of the children is given high priority here. We regard religious education as more than a curriculum subject. It is something that guides every area of our school. As a Catholic school we aim to educate the whole child, and our ethos is inseparable from the curriculum.

Religious education is taught through lessons using the ‘Come and See’ programme and also through celebrations, prayer and everyday experiences in school.


The children at Corpus Christi regularly attend Mass with the parish. We celebrate together at the beginning of each term and on several feast days throughout the year. In addition, we hold a phase group Liturgical Celebrations.

Parents are very welcome to join us at all Masses at Corpus Christi.

Holy Communion and Penitential Services

Children begin their preparation for First Holy Communion and Confession at their local parish churches while they are in Year 3.

From that point on, children attend Penitential Services in the church during Lent and Advent.


The children pray in school at various times during the school day and in the collective worship of assemblies.

They will learn a range of prayers during their time at Corpus Christi, and in Year 2, each child receives their own Corpus Christi prayer book in a special ceremony conducted by the parish priest.

All children should know the Our Father and the Hail Mary.

Religious Education

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