As a parent, you will probably have many questions about your child’s life at school.

This website aims to answer these questions and to give you additional useful  information. Developed with the help of parents, it should provide all the information you require. Should you require paper copies of any of the information contained here please request it from the school office.

Our whole school community - children, parents, staff and governors - is justifiably very proud of our school and its successes. These successes are evident both in the academic standards achieved and in the excellent curriculum on offer to the children.

We aim to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in which each child can thrive and develop their own interests and talents.

Parents' active participation in this process is essential and that is why we place such an important emphasis on working in partnership with parents.

Your comments and feedback on this website would be welcome.

Mrs Jean Connery & Mr Robert Coyle








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