Pupil Survey 2021-22

This year we used Computing to survey children’s experiences of life and learning at Corpus Christi School.

The survey was carried out from May 2022 to June 2022 . The children completed an anonymous online survey in the classroom.

All year groups from Years 2 to 6 were surveyed.



The main findings were:

  • 96% of children enjoy their lessons

  • 98% of children feel their teacher helps them in lessons

  • 100% children feel safe at school and the vast majority find their lessons interesting

  • 100% of children think that school encourages them to be independent and to take on responsibilities.

  • 100% of children think school encourages them to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally.

  • 98% know there is an adult at school that, 'I can talk to if something is worrying me.'

  • 96% of children think their teacher gives them work which challenges them. 

  • 98% of children felt that behaviour at Corpus Christi School was good.

  • 95% of children know how well they are doing at school.

  • 100% believe that, 'My school encourages me to look after my emotional and mental health.'

  • 100% of children think that school encourages them to look after their physical health (For example, healthy eating and taking part in fitness).

  • 86% of children take part in an after-school activities 



The Future


Overall, the children are happy and feel safe at Corpus Christi School.  The focus on well-being including: RULER, the Safe Space, Elsa, the PSHE & RSE curriculum and NSPCC workshops, has had a positive impact on the children's emotional and mental health.  These learning and support strategies will continue to remain a priority. 




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