Welcome to Corpus Christi, my name is Josephine Namusisi-Riley and I am the Chair of Governors at the school. My job is to ensure that the business of the Governing Board is conducted properly and in accordance with legal requirements. I meet regularly with the headteachers and take an active interest in what happens at the school.

The Governing Board is made up of 14 Governors from all walks of life; Foundation Governors appointed by the Diocese, Local Authority Governor appointed by the Governing Body from a pool nominated by the LA, Parent Governors who are elected by the Parents, Staff Governors, representing both teaching and support staff.

The Co-Headteachers form part of the Governing body as Ex-Officio members.

The Governing Board has many specific responsibilities as defined in the School Governance regulations and laid out in the school’s Scheme of Delegation. All Governors attend termly Governing Board meetings and form part of more focused committees.

The Governing Board are supported by Mr Jim Mann our Health & Safety Advisor. Dr. Rachel Norman our School Improvement Advisor and Ms Sandra Ruiz our Clerk, she can be contacted on sbm@corpuschristi.lambeth.sch.uk or on 020 72744722.

You may contact the governors in the following ways:-

by e-mail to:- ClerktoGB@corpuschristi.lambeth.sch.uk or in writing via the school office.

Governors - Documents & Forms

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